[How to] Organize and Prep Your Baking

You may or may not know this, but I ran a dessert company for over 5 years; creating wedding cakes, and dessert tables and stocking cafes with cookies and treats. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot on what works, what doesn’t, and how to set yourself up for as much success as possible with a recipe.

You’d be surprised to learn the first step starts well before baking and is probably the simplest and most overlooked step.!

Professional bakers understand the importance of timing! They plan ahead to account for rising, resting, and cooling times, allowing for a smooth workflow and consistent results. Organizing and prepping a recipe before baking is crucial for a smooth experience. With these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any recipe with ease and confidence.

1. Read through the entire recipe

This helps to understand its timing and any waiting periods. Knowing what to expect helps avoid surprises. Some recipes need hours or even days for dough to rise or flavours to meld, so it’s essential to plan accordingly. Consider the overall time needed for the recipe, including prep time, baking time, and cooling time.

2. Have all ingredients prepped and measured beforehand

This may seem silly, but there’s nothing worse than starting a recipe to discover you’re missing or don’t have enough of an ingredient. Having everything prepped and ready makes the process efficient and helps the recipe run smoothly.

3. Prep all equipment ahead of time

This tip really helps to make the recipe go smoothly especially if you’re working with a recipe that has tight timing between steps. Set up and organize your workspace by gathering all the tools and equipment you need for the recipe. Get your baking pans ready, grease and/or line them with parchment paper, etc.

4. Ensure your workstation is clean

You can do this by clearing away clutter, washing dishes, wiping down surfaces and starting with a clean kitchen to work in. By keeping a clean workstation, you create an environment that promotes efficiency, reduces the risk of contamination, and sets the stage for successful baking. In baking school our chef used to tell us “you’re only as good a baker as clean as your kitchen is!” As they say in France, Mise En Place!

These simple tasks will make your baking more enjoyable and will give you a better flow altogether. You won’t miss ingredients in a recipe either (I know we’ve all done it).

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