Finding Balance in the City

Finding Balance in the City

I’m very much a country girl combined city girl. Whenever I am in the city I crave the simplicity of the country, space, and nature. Thrown into the country and I long for the city lights, the food, and the adventure. Finding a balance for both of these worlds hasn’t always been the easiest. The country at times equaled loneliness and too much simplicity and the city had its own challenges of trying to keep up and stay in the know (FOMO as you may know it).

After spending 5 years in the Kawarthas in a little old farmhouse building my dessert company, I decided it was about time to come back to the big city. Blogging replaced catering and I found myself drowning in the demands of social media! I was spending an exorbitant amount of money (which I did not have) on going out, meeting friends for cocktails, and finding the next new hot spot. I was losing focus on my work and there was an anxiety that I couldn’t quite explain deep within my chest.. a heavyweight I carried around (with an incredibly light wallet)!!

Subconsciously  I knew I needed to find a balance but I had no idea how to do it.

And then Sophie entered my life and everything changed!  She relies on me, which means I have to be home to take her for walks, feed her and play with her. I found myself slowly saying no to outings and leaving earlier to make sure I’d get home to let Sophie out for a walk. She started to ground me. I discovered new parks in the city to take her to; finding green space and beach time. I found I was spending more time in nature while in the city.  She brought me back home where I started entertaining again and cooking for friends instead of trying to keep up with the city demands.

I’ve always grown up with dogs and co-owned a few in relationships but Sophie, she’s my first as my own and sole responsibility. More than anything Sophie helps me find balance in the city. Having to be responsible for her and the love that she has brought to my life has lifted that heavy anxiety!

So, one of my secrets (which really isn’t much of a secret) to staying balanced in the city is to find yourself a ‘best friend’ who makes you hit parks, be outside, and gives you endless love no matter what! It’s no doubt Torontorians have a thing for their dogs and now I finally get it!

For me, my pup helps me balance my life in the city because as busy as it gets and as crazy as life will be I’ll always have to be home to take care of her and to love her. We have so much fun together discovering the city and going up north; finding new adventures and meeting friends for walks.

Finding Balance in the City
My girl Sophie, wearing the Nantucket Bandana from Rover Boutique.
Finding Balance in the City
Finding Balance in the City

Sophie Loves;

  • Playing ball at the park
  • Going to the cottage
  • Swimming – as long as she’s chasing the ball
  • Thinking every single person who comes to the house is there to play with her!!
  • Her bandanas from Rover Boutique
  • Following me everywhere I go
  • Chewing sticks
  • Licking hands – which drives me crazy!
Sophie is wearing the Cedar River Bandana
The calm before the storm…
Finding Balance in the City - Part 1
The storm!!
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All images by AnneMarie from the Rover Boutique

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5 years ago

What a wonderful tribute to the love and devotion of your “best friend”. It is amazing what dogs can bring to our life.

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