Top 3 Vineyards to Visit in South Africa

Top 3 Vineyards to Visit in South Africa

For those who follow along on Instagram you’ll know how much I love a pretty glass of rosé! And for the rest of you, well, welcome to my world of wine! I’ve spent some time at George Brown College learning more about this beautiful fruit; the taste, the culture, the smells and everything in between. So I wanted to share my top 3 vineyards in South Africa with all of you!

For me wine falls into the same category as my love for food. There is a tremendous amount of passion, time and care that goes into creating each barrel of wine; from the ground up! Many hands have worked to create a carefully crafted glass of wine with the perfect notes and colour. Most importantly is the sharing – popping a bottle of wine to drink with friends and loved ones over the dinner table or celebrating something special; bringing people together!

I’ve spent a lot of time drinking my absolute favourite wines while in South Africa over the years. And my love continues to grow.  South Africa is not only a stunningly beautiful place to visit but is at the forefront for some of the top wines in the world. Wine is drunk like water and is poured day or night!

Unfortunately because of the small yields and prohibitive costs, the rest of the world doesn’t get to experience some of their absolute best wines. So if you find yourself in South Africa, here are my top 3 vineyards to visit (for completely different reasons) to go for some beautifully crafted wines and stunning views.

Baker Alie Romano in South Africa

Top 3 Vineyards to Visit in South Africa

1. Jordan Wines 

One of my favourite wines in South Africa.. ohhh the Chardonnay my friends (oaked of course)!!  Go here to drink some of South Africa’s award winning wines. Sip a glass or two on their adorable garden filled patios overlooking rolling hills of vineyards. An absolute must – make sure to book a 4×4 tour around the vineyard and experience what Jordan Wines offers. The tour is filled with information and stunning views, not to mention some lovely tastings. I have a featured story on Instagram from my experience that I highly suggest you take a look at. Check it out here. 

Top 3 Vineyards to Visit in South Africa . Touring South Africa Vineyards - Jordan Wines
Top 3 Vineyards to Visit in South Africa

2. Babylonstoren

My absolute favourite spot for spending the day (or days) touring their incredible gardens, filled with lush fruits, vegetables, herbs and sculpted botanical gardens. The smells are breath taking as you wander through lavender gardens and take in all the different scents. The wine is not the feature here, but the views and the food. My favourite restaurant is the Greenhouse, which is settled in the gardens with picnic benches and bistro tables. They carry a  farm-to-fork philosophy.

Top 3 Vineyards to Visit in South Africa
Top 3 Vineyards to Visit in South Africa

3. Spier Wines

Has a very different vibe than any other vineyards I’ve visited. The land is flat and is a lovely spot to pack a picnic (or pre-order a picnic basket from the Farm Cafe) and purchase a bottle at the shop. There are walking trails, a tiny craft market, restaurants and a large tasting room (but you might want to call ahead as they book up fast). Spier has some lovely wines and some delicious Pinotage and Rosé wines that South Africa is known for.

Spier, South Africa
 South Africa

Stay tuned for my favourite cafes and must do list while visiting South Africa.

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