Lemon Cream

Lemon Cream

Lemon cream is a sweet, tangy, light and creamy dessert topping or filling that’s a cross between lemon curd and whipping cream. It has a soft, velvety texture and adds a pop of colour to many desserts. Not to mention it only has 4 ingredients!

Lemon Curd

How to Make Lemon Curd

This lemon curd is smooth and velvety in texture and packs a tangy punch! It has only 5 simple ingredients and takes little effort to create an extra special topping or filling for desserts, like cakes, tarts, cookies, scones and pies.

French Almond Cream Filling

French Almond Cream Filling

With its rich and nutty flavour, French almond cream adds a luxurious and indulgent touch to many desserts like; pastries, galettes and tarts. It’s simple to make and will elevate any baker’s repertoire whether you are advanced in the kitchen or just starting out!

Lilac Sugar

Lilac Sugar

Here’s a simple yet elegant way to brighten baking and drink recipes by using homemade lilac sugar. Lilac flowers bloom in the spring, make jars and store lilac sugar until the following season

Homemade Herbs de Provence Crackers

Homemade Crackers

Homemade crackers are fun and simple to make. They are a flat, crisp cracker loaded with Herbs de Provence and sprinkled with flaked Maldon sea salt. These crackers make a great addition to a cheese board or as a hostess gift. Change up the herbs for your favourite flavours.

Blueberry Compote

Blueberry Compote

This easy blueberry compote makes a beautiful addition to many desserts. Top ice cream, pancakes, French toast, or you can add to a cheese platter and enjoy it with a bottle of wine.

Lentil and Flax Seed Dog Biscuits

Lentil & Flax Seed Dog Biscuits

These lentil and flax seed dog biscuits are made especially for pups with sensitive tummies and allergies. They are made with homemade lentil flour, flax seeds, pumpkin and egg; everything that is safe for your best friend, not that any dog isn’t going to love them too.

Flower Ice Cubes

Flower Ice Cubes

Here’s a fun and simple way to freshen things up for a party! Dress up your drinks and cocktails with these flower ice cubes. They are made with edible flowers, herbs and then frozen into ice cubes.

Blackberry Lilac Compote

Blackberry Lilac Compote

This compote has a delicate floral flavour of lilacs with sweet bursts of blackberries. Use it to top off ice cream, pancakes, French toast, or you can add it to a cheese platter and enjoy with a bottle of wine.

Pumpkin Caramel Sauce with Mini Shortbread

Here’s a fun, autumn-spiced pumpkin caramel sauce that’s full of flavour! I’ve paired the pumpkin caramel sauce with cute little buttery shortbread cookies and vanilla ice cream for a unique autumn dessert. You can add this sauce to specialty coffees, ice cream, cakes, or anything the heart desires.

Rhubarb Ginger Compote

Rhubarb Ginger Compote

I’m in love with this pretty little rhubarb ginger compote full of bursting flavours; sour, spicy, and sweet! Is it possible for all those tastes to happen all at once in a wee little compote?

Foolproof Caramel Sauce

Here’s a simple, buttery, rich caramel sauce that will quickly become your go-to recipe. This foolproof recipe uses rum but you can substitute it with vanilla extract if you want to stay away from alcohol.

No Bake Almond Coconut Energy Balls

No Bake Almond Coconut Energy Balls

These energy balls have only 5 main ingredients of delicious goodness! They don’t need to be baked and are super easy to make. They are a great snack to tuck into your gym bag, lunch box, or a little treat after dinner. 

Candy Cane Chocolate Bark, Christmas Treats, Edible Gifts

Candy Cane Chocolate Bark

This candy cane chocolate bark makes a cute holiday gift! There are only 3 ingredients, making it your quickest and simplest holiday recipe yet!

Homemade Dog Cake & a Bowtie Collar Giveaway

Homemade Dog Cake

Want to celebrate your pup with a special treat, that’s actually good for him/her? Here’s a dog cake that’s all natural and homemade that he/she won’t be able to resist!

Sugared Lemons

Sugared Lemons and Limes

Sugared lemons and limes are the perfect garnish for special desserts and pretty cakes! They are sweet and sour and are a fun twist for summer treats.

Campfire Banana Splits

Campfire Banana Splits

Making campfire banana splits is super simple and lots of fun. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while roasting bananas over the bonfire, then add ice cream and your favourite toppings!

4 Ingredients Homemade Dog treats

4 Ingredients Homemade Dog Treats

Super simple, healthy homemade dog treats for your puppy using only 4 ingredients, yup it’s that easy and your ‘best friend’ will love you for it!

How to make Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Simple Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Want to learn how to make simple toasted pumpkin seeds? Then I have the recipe for you! Enjoy lightly salted pumpkin seeds for a snack or add to granolas, salads, or soups.

Ambrosia Salad using SunGold Kiwifruit

Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia salad is a fun, simple, healthy light snack to have around the house on those hot summer days. It’s full of fruit, marshmallows, and coconut, just enough sweetness and a little tang!

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