Top 20 Equipment and Tools for Bakers

Now that we have implemented organization and prep we can move on to equipment and tools! Having the right equipment and tools is crucial for professional bakers. They make simple tasks easier by saving time and ensuring consistent results. Not to mention certain tools can literally make or break a recipe’s success! If you want to be a better baker you need to invest!

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Baking Tips: Equipment and Tools

I’ve learned over the years which tools and equipment helped me run a smooth, functional dessert company. I literally created a tool kit with my most important and useful tools that I travelled on sets, to weddings and events and on shoots to bake away from my own kitchen. I’ve tested many mixers, small appliances and brands and I’m going to share with you the ones that I love and use in my kitchen.

I can’t stress how important it is to invest in some key pieces if you want to bake like a professional! Having the correct equipment and tools helps streamline the baking process, allowing you to focus on creativity and quality.

Here are the top tools I can’t live without as a professional baker. Each of these items play a vital role in my baking process, ensuring precision, efficiency, and quality.

My Top Equipment and Tools to Be a Professional Baker

  1. Cake Turntable: If you like making cakes you need a cake turntable. Ever since using a cake turntable I now really enjoy making and decorating cakes. It helps facilitate easy frosting and decorating, resulting in beautifully finished, even cakes. This is the exact one I use and love!
  2. Cast Iron Skillet: There are so many recipes out there using a cast iron skillet and it will upgrade your baking quality. It’s best to have a separate cast iron for baking and cooking and I like a smaller size for baking. It provides even heat distribution, perfect for baking bread, biscuits, and pancakes.
  3. Cookie scoops: It’s best to invest in a small scoop and a regular-size scoop. Cookie scoops ensure uniformity in size, which promotes even baking and consistent, professional results batch after batch. They are best used for making cookies, cupcakes, muffins or anything that requires uniformity.
  4. Cooling Racks: They allow air to circulate around baked goods, preventing sogginess and promoting even cooling. I like to use one that has a tight grid and is large. This also makes it effective for working with recipes that need drying, like sugared fruit and dipped chocolate, etc.
  5. Digital Candy Thermometer: In baking school my chef made us all buy a digital candy thermometer and wow I’ll never use anything else again. It’s the easiest tool to use and you’ll never be nervous of making candy again! It ensures accurate temperature control for candy-making and delicate recipes like caramel and toffee. They no longer make the one I have but this one is as close as it gets.
  6. Different Styles of Pans: Madeleine pans, bundt pans, spring form pans, tart pans and other specialty pans add variety to baking and create unique shapes and textures.
  7. Dough Scraper: This is also a simple tool that made my life a whole lot easier. It’s perfect for cutting dough cleanly and scraping sticky dough from work surfaces. A dough scraper is ideal when working with scones and breads. I use both plastic and metal but a plastic dough scraper is all you need!
  8. Food Processor: My Cuisinart food processor I use all the time and I can’t recommend it enough. I make all my pastry in it, chop nuts, carrots, etc. There are so many uses for it and it really makes your life easier while creating professional results.
  9. Flour Sifter/Sieve: Again another simple tool that will ensure your dry ingredients are evenly combined. It eliminates lumps for smoother batters and doughs, resulting in professional texture in cakes and all your baking.
  10. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: A good stand mixer will change your life and make mixing and kneading dough effortless, saving time and effort. Certain recipes like meringues and pavlovas require strong whipping or mixing, one that a handheld mixer will just not hold up to! Here’s the exact mixer I use and I highly recommend buying KitchenAid.
  11. Kitchen Scale: Okay, this is a big one if you want to get serious. When I had my dessert company I used only a scale to measure my ingredients for all my recipes. It ensures precise measurements, crucial for baking where accuracy is paramount. Since running the blog I’ve switched over to US cups as most of you use this system. Be careful using a scale when the recipes are written in cups as the measurements may be a little off. Where I use the scale the most is for measuring butter, it’s so simple and mess-free.
  12. Kitchen Torch: This tool is ideal for caramelizing sugar for crème brûlée, browning meringue, and adding finishing touches to desserts.
  13. Measuring Cups and Spoons: This may seem like a silly one, but don’t buy cheap measuring cups and spoons as they most likely will be inaccurate. They are essential for accurately measuring dry and liquid ingredients, ensuring recipe success. Invest in high-quality ones.
  14. Offset Spatula: This simple tool changed my life once I started using it. I have 3 sizes and recommend all 3 sizes; small, medium and large. It’s ideal for smoothing frosting and spreading batter evenly in pans and will give you professional-looking results.
  15. Oven Gauge: A simple and overlooked tool, but no two ovens bake the same and if you’re having issues either with overbaking or underbaking this simple tool with change your life. An oven gauge ensures accurate oven temperature, crucial for consistent baking results.
  16. Parchment Paper: Okay if you haven’t started using parchment paper you’re living in the past. It prevents sticking and makes for an easy cleanup, making it a baker’s best friend. I much prefer to use parchment paper over silicone, the end product is far more superior!
  17. Pastry Blender: This is my favourite tool for pastry in general! It’s perfect for cutting butter or shortening into flour for making pie crusts, biscuits, and scones.
  18. Pastry Brush: A pastry brush with real bristles gives you more control and success. It’s useful for applying egg wash, butter, or glaze to pastries and bread for a glossy finish. Stop using silicone brushes!
  19. Pie weights: They are essential for blind baking pastry crusts, preventing them from puffing up or shrinking during the baking process. They help maintain the shape of the crust and ensure even baking. Make sure to buy ceramic weights.
  20. Piping Bag and Star Tip: This is essential for decorating cakes, cookies, and pastries with precision and finesse. I use a reusable bag but also buy disposable bags for small jobs. And my star tip gets the most use.

Other Useful Tools I Use

I know it seems like a long list and you may already have a handful of these. But I really wanted to share with you exactly what I use to be a successful baker. Here are some more tools that are in my kitchen and that I use often. You’ll even see a lot of these tools in images on the blog and I use all of these tools to create the recipes here on Baking For Friends.

Recipes with Tools & Equipment that are Game Changers

  1. Homemade Marshmallows: digital candy thermometer, Kitchen Aid stand mixer, parchment paper, offset spatula, sifter (small) and large sharp knife.
  2. Pie Dough: Cuisinart food processor, rolling pin and oven gauge.
  3. Dutch Baby Pancake: Blender, cast iron skillet.
  4. White Chocolate Cranberry Tart: Cuisinart food processor, tart pan (with removable bottom), pie weights, offset spatula, rolling pin.
  5. Classic Chocolate Cake: Cake turntable, offset spatula, oven gauge, parchment paper, pastry brush, Kitchen Aid stand mixer.
  6. Sugared Fruit: Pastry brush, wire rack.
  7. Cinnamon Scones: pastry cutter, dough scraper, pastry brush, oven gauge, parchment paper.

Having the right baking tools is important, but being organized and prepared is where we start our foundation. Now, we can move on to understanding baking techniques and their importance. Practice these basics, pay attention to detail, and you’ll become a pro baker in no time.

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