My Top Bakeries in Toronto

There is no doubt it is easy to find an extensive list of incredible bakeries in Toronto, all broken down into specific likes, dislikes, and areas. But there are a few that will always be at the forefront of my list!  My top bakeries in Toronto are no secret by any means, you may have passed right by without thinking twice. Perhaps you are planning a visit to the big city and are wondering where to go?

My Top Bakeries in Toronto

1. Bonjour Brioche

If you go anywhere you must go to Bonjour Brioche! This is a must! It’s hands down the most classic, French country-style bakery in the city! I’ve been going there since I first started living in Toronto and everything is the exact same; the quality of food, the vibe, the people!  They are open for breakfast and lunch or you can grab something to go at the counter. You’ll have to line up and wait on the weekends for a seat but it’s worth it! Their brunch is my most loved here, plus their croissants. They have crusty bread, buttery pastries, and classic tarts. Oh, and on the way out make sure to grab their signature salad dressing! On weekdays they have a coffee and croissant combo that makes me feel like I’ve wandered into the countryside of France. Bonjour Brioche has been in Toronto’s east end since 1997, I’d say that speaks volumes in a city that’s constantly changing, developing, and reinventing!

My Top Bakeries in Toronto

2. The Kitten and the Bear

Oh, I’m so happy to share this sweet, sweet little spot with all of you. The Kitten and the Bear have slowly grown in Toronto and I’m happy to see them open more tables for seating in their new location. It’s such a beautiful vintage-style tea shop and they have the best classic buttermilk scones in the city (and so many fun homemade jams). The scones are absolutely perfect; a mile high of flaky layers perfect on their own or dolloped with any one of their jams. They carry homemade jams, jellies, and marmalades and you can also sample them like it’s an ice cream shop!  You won’t believe the unique flavours and combinations they have. One of my favourite jams which I got was a limited batch; banana, bourbon, and vanilla bean jam!! Check out their blog for interesting recipes to use with their jams too!

My Top Bakeries in Toronto

3. Roselle

Is a tiny modern French-inspired pastry shop that has a fun, playful twist to its baking (all the while keeping a classiness to the baked goods). They have the best soft-served ice cream around – earl grey infused! It’s a big hit and it doesn’t last long; keep an eye on their Instagram or website when it’s in stock. They also are one of the only bakeries where you can find lovely madeleine cakes, a classic French treat! It always surprises me how many people have never had a madeleine cake before. 

Image from Roselle’s Instagram Feed

4. Mon K Patisserie 

This is a super sweet Japanese-inspired French bakery in the north east end of Toronto. It’s the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a coffee and pastry on a rainy day in the city. Their pastries are buttery and flaky just as they should be! You can also find Japanese twists like a green tea éclair, combining 2 worlds that aren’t overly sweet in baking styles. 

What’s your favourite bakery in Toronto?

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